About Us


Meaningful Paws is an online store for clothing, and other items selling a way for you to express your opinion and help a cause while looking fabulous. Any and all animal lovers, who appreciate cute, chic, loving designs, are welcome to choose from our collection

When you buy a product from Meaningful Paws, you: 


My name is Soo Yeon Jang and I am the founder of Meaningful Paws. With lots of love in art and animals, I decided I wanted to create chic and loving designs on clothing and various products for all animal lovers to enjoy. I wanted to spread compassion in a positive and loving way; and I believe the designs that I share through Meaningful Paws sends out these messages. 

The name of brand is about honoring each animal which is part of our world, for it is beautiful and needed, and deserves to be loved. Paw symbolizes all animals so 'Meaningful Paws' mean all animals' lives are meaningful. By creating and selling designs for clothing and other items for day-to-day use, we spread the message in an easy and fun way.  


Animals can’t speak, but you can speak for them – simply purchase a Meaningful Paws item today and spread the message wherever you go.