Absolutely. We do ship internationally. Shipping cost depends on the weight and destination of your order. Once you've entered your payment information or logged in via PayPal, you'll see the total before you're committed to paying. PayPal's rules require customers to enter payment information before seeing the shipping total.
Please Note: 

 Shipments sent outside of the U.S. would be subject to customs duties and fees imposed by the destination country.

Please look up the percentage that your country would charge on import goods before placing your order.

Borosilicate glass.

We only offer priority for any packages that weight over 13oz(a single tumbler package weight over 13 oz) because USPS automatically calculates any packages over 13oz as priority. It is basically same as STANDARD mail. Packages that weight over 13oz can't be first class.

Items we have in stock are shipped USPS Priority and First Class. It takes approximately 2 to 5 business days within the US and 7 to 15 business days internationally. We ship out orders within 3 business days of when you place an order. 

When you put items in your cart you can hit the calculate shipping button to get an exact cost for your order.