Hi Friends,


This is Soo. 

I know I have been away for awhile and I want to thank all of you who have been sending me your support and love. I really appreciate it. 

I am still dealing with a personal challenge and Cam is still helping me out but I wanted to be back to share some news and an exciting update. I am also trying to be back a little more. 

I plan to change Meaningful Paws's mission a bit. Our main mission was to share our message mainly through clothes but going forward we plan to ramp that down. 

I decided to let go of all the clothing so please get any clothing that you have been wanting to get now because there is a great chance that they won't be back once they sell out. 

Once all of them are gone, I will have you guys take a vote on which design you guys think I should still keep and maybe keep 2-3 designs for clothing. Going forward, I want to spread our message through tumblers.

Earlier this year, I was falling apart emotionally and I need to leave here for a while so I went to Hawaii.  

While I was staying over there, I couldn't help but notice the crazy amount of plastic straws and bottles used on that beautiful small island! 

I then remembered some footage I watched where plastic straws bottles ended up in the ocean and hurt so many sea animals. 

And at that moment, when I was on an island seeing sea animals almost everyday, I was drowning in so much pain not being able to help. 

Then I as I thought about what can I do to help reduce the usage, I thought about the tumblers. 

If I created a tumbler that's eco-friendly, pretty, and easy to carry, it might really make a huge impact. 

If all of us were to bring our tumblers to coffee shops, or for everyday use or going to places, and even on a trip, it will make a huge difference! 

While we help sea animals, we will also help our planet, and you can still share messages to people all around the world! How awesome is that??

I am working on creating a whole new glass bottle and a leak proof lid. I am also working on a new design for the new bottle that I am pretty sure that you guys will love. ( Don't worry, We will definitely have one with our 'Vegan is' design on it!! :) )


I hope to introduce these new tumblers early next year and I will be sharing more updates on Instagram until then. So please stay tuned! 

Thank you always for your support in choosing a cruelty free and compassionate lifestyle!