Collaboration with HFBphotography

Collaboration with HFBphotography

Hi MP friends! 

As you noticed we have updated our website and some of our photos! :)

We had a chance to work with another amazing vegan photographer, Helen Feliciano Bailey. She has been photographing for five years and her travel photography was published for Driftwood Magazine in 2015 (Issue 1). 

Not only is she vegan but she is also raising two beautiful children as vegan.
I had the honor of having her super adorable daughter model for Meaningful Paws, toddler line. 

Her passion for her work is amazing and it shows through her photos. 

You can check more of her work and contact her directly at


Vegan Beauty Review

Please check our review done by Vegan Beauty Review! :)


Featured on World of Vegan

Please check us out on World of Vegan for our feature and Soo's collaboration work with World of vegan's founder Michelle Cehn for draw my life videos. We have made these easier to watch for everyone (because it doesn't have graphic gory images). They are awareness videos to spread the truth behind factory farming and animal abuse. Please share to spread the message!  :)